• User friendly interface that limits intensive data input and data management.
  • More accurately reflects your true emissions year after year, saving your company thousands of dollars every year on emission fees, potential fines, and costly facility shutdowns.
  • An extensive database of  2,000+  commonly used chemicals for which physical and environmental properties (i.e. hazardous, flammable) are readily available.
  • Client specific chemicals are easily added utilizing data readily available from standard Material Safety Data Sheets.
  • Client specific mixtures utilizing standard and proprietary chemicals can easily be added to the database.
  • Calculations provide the option to generate USEPA-mandated validation documentation. This proves an invaluable resource, and a clear insight into the method, assumptions and constants employed to provide the results.
  • Manipulates and generates data that supports the client’s effort to adhere to environmental guidelines.
  • Provides a centralized system for storing all of your required data, which will provide supporting documentation showing calculations and documentation that can withstand an audit.
  • Easily adapted to your specific plant systems, methods of operations, and regulatory limits. The result is a system designed specifically for you, with highly skilled customer support available for your system.

Why invest in a canned system that forces you to adapt to its requirements? Invest in a system that makes the best of your existing operations, with as little growing pains as possible.

Annual Emission Reporting Air Permit Compliance
Batchmaking Emission Calculations Emission Unit-Specific Calculations
Reactor Emission Calculations Storage Tank Emission Calculations
Customized Reports Dispersion Criteria Modeling
Community Right-To-Know SARA Title 3
State Specific Reporting Regulated Pollutants
Scenario Modeling Client Specific Reporting
Throughput Projection and Scheduling